Santa Barbara Car Detailing 

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Meet the Owner

Mr. Rob Regan has served as an elementary school teacher in Santa Barbara since 1993. Hence the name, "The Auto Detailing Teacher." When he's not teaching, he operates one of the premiere mobile car detailing services in southern California.

Regan is a leader in the car detailing industry who engages in discussions with other detailers online about the latest technologies in automotive care. In fact, his glass cleaning procedure was recognized by a chemical manufacturer as both superior and safe for the environment.  Read this article, where Regan was featured being chosen to a team detailers who will detail the original Air Force One and a rare World War II bomber.

Video: Air Force One Detail Team. Meet Rob @ 4 minutes, 50 seconds.

Noteworthy facts about Regan:

1. Certified by Attention to Details, the premiere auto detailing training facility in the country.
2. Selected member of the Airforce One Detailing Team, which was assigned to refinish John F. Kennedy's presidential plane in 2007.  See the Airforce One Detailing team in action.
3. Owner of Towel Pros, an online wholesaler of automotive microfiber towels.
4. Member of The International Detailing Association.

A Message from Rob.

"I am certified, respected, and published in the auto detailing industry. My goal is to build a relationship with you and make your car look and feel its best. I also want our community to continue its efforts to ensure that my kids can play at the beach and swim in the ocean without caution signs or closures. We didn't have this problem when I was kid at the 'PIT.'

Local business parks and office buildings have given us rights to service their parking lots based on our water smart business model. Our quiet Honda generators will not disturb you as we service your car. We are one of three authorized businesses in the US to use a polymer water-based product that allows us to wash and wax in one step with no water going onto your property and contaminating the ground. Also, we carry a one million dollar umbrella insurance policy.

If you are looking for a locally trained auto technician that is completely educated in paint correction and car care, then please give me a call. If you like to call around for the lowest price, please save yourself a call. I won't be the least expensive. I have spent thousands on equipment and training and do not discount; it shows in the quality of our work. Let us demonstrate to you what car care is really about and what can be done with the right skill and equipment."

- Rob Regan. "The Auto Detailing Teacher."

What our customers are saying:

"I contacted Rob at SB Auto Detail to recondition my wife's 2004 Toyota Sequoia Limited. The Sequoia is a great SUV for our family but is 8 years old, has 150000 miles and hauls our 4 kids around on a daily basis. We have had it detailed before but it is always pretty much the same -a superficial clean and a lot of oily products inside and outside and a simple wash and wax. SB Auto Detailing is much different. I was shocked when I saw the results. The paint looked like new. The headlights were restored and brilliantly clear. This alone really changed the look of the car. The black faded trim was restored and looked incredible. The roof racks were grey before and were now back to black. The interior was equally impressive. The carpet and mats had been completely restored and they were dry. The leather seats were clean and almost as good as new (considering the use we give them I was super impressed with the improvement). We had been considering purchasing a replacement SUV due to the high mileage but we love the Sequoia and my wife was so happy with the with the car looked she said she prefers the Sequoia over anything new, so all in all Rob saved me having to consider buying a replacement vehicle. Rob and Nick at SB Auto detail are super cool and professional. They picked up the car and returned it in like new condition. I cannot recommend these guys enough."

What our customers are saying:

"Rob and his detailing expertise took care of my black station wagon with ease. The paint had rub marks in it from a previous waxing and Rob took care of them. The finish is smooth without rub marks and the shine is amazing! My 4 year old car looks brand new! He also took all the stains out of my cars carpets. Wonderful, at home service by a friendly and trustworthy gentleman!!!
Rob had previously restored the paint on my husband's 10 year old truck after a bizarre chemical spray adhered to the paint. None of our attempts to remedy the paint had worked. One buffing job by Rob and the truck looks better than new. We are scheduling our other car with him soon!!!"

-B.B. from Hope Ranch